Fund Management Services


I’m opening slots for my fund management. For those who don’t know me personally. I am JC Bisnar. Full-time trader, and I’m a licensed stock broker (Certified Securities Representative) working for DA Market Securities Inc. If you’re looking for someone who will manage your funds for you and help you in your Stock Market ventures, then I may be of service to you.

Why would you trust me?

I post my thoughts and some of my personal trades in my blog and my FB page, you can get a glimpse of my capacity there. I’ve been using this pseudo name, Imbang Klase ever since I started trading 5 years ago.

You can even see how I started as a noob back then.

(back in 2012)
noob mode

As for my recent trades for privacy and safety reasons, I will not post it here publicly, but upon request and if I like you as a potential client, I will gladly show you my records.

Track record wise, I’ve consistently beaten the average yield of PSEi by a huge mark. I am able to do that because I have developed a tried and tested trading system. I’m also very particular with managing my risks. I’m not a gambler, I’m in this game till the long-run.

I challenge myself to be better every year. I am serious about trading because this is my life and passion. I started with scrap and made bulk of my net worth through Trading. And I plan to continue to make money from the markets until the day that I die.

Though we’re bound with uncertainty, I can give you my word that I’d beat Mutual Funds’ and the PSEi’s performance 80-90% of the time. (Since I’ve been able to consistently do that in all of my trading years)

Though I have consistently beaten the markets, I am never cocky and complacent. I make it a point to be always disciplined even when I’m on a winning streak. I put immense focus on improving my trading process.

My requirements are simple:

1. Minimum Investment 1m, Minimum holding period 1 year. (why 1 year? because I need enough time to maneuver in the market and find opportunities and I am looking for clients who will grow with me for the long run)

2. You must be involved in a business or a relevant field today. I like to deal with people who I can learn from, particularly Entrepreneurs and Innovators. 

3. Let me know about your background, what you do for a living, your past experiences in the stockmarket/investing and why you want to invest with me.

I choose the people I deal with, I’m not really in this for the money (I could easily get a loan and trade solely on my own benefit if that was the case). My priority in getting clients is to meet great people whom I can help and learn from.

If you are interested, you can send me an email at or hit me up a message on my FB page Imbang Klase

If you pass on my criteria, I will provide you with all the necessary details, then we can set a meeting.