Who the hell is Imbang Klase?


I am Imbang Klase. Full-time trader. Private fund manager. Entrepreneur.

I have been trading for a living for 7 years.

When I was 20 years old, I started with 25,000. After a few months, I took a loan from investors to boost my port to 6 digits. I focused on developing my own strategies and mastering my trading framework. From there, I traded consistently, beating the market year-after-year to grow my own account to 8-digits. 

My next goal is to grow my portfolio to 9-digits. I take great pride in my port, because I’ve grown this from day 1, without any further deposits, without any add-on. I take it as a personal challenge to reach Php 100,000,000++ purely through trading.

Besides my own portfolio, I also manage a private fund for clients.

Outside of my own trading pursuits, I’m also the CEO and co-founder of Investagrams. This is my ‘ikigai’, my purpose and fulfillment — where I share my passion and knowledge in the stock market to help more Filipinos achieve financial freedom.

This is a trading journal–where you’ll be able to read about the insights of a crazy trader that will forever be a student of the market. There’s always something to learn in the stock market, that’s why I decided to share my experiences.

I want aspiring traders to learn from my mistakes and my progress as a trader. I take on the name Imbang Klase because I want to emulate the persona of someone who seeks greatness by being brave enough to stand differently from the crowd.


32 thoughts on “Who the hell is Imbang Klase?

    1. imbangklase Post author

      Thanks IDOL! 🙂 I got lucky with CAL, that’s where about 46% of my profits came from. I’m trying my best to consistently make profits by studying more and conditioning my trading mindset. Hope to hear from you more. 🙂

  1. kwatog

    Sir galing ng journal mo,newbie din ako,will learn a lot from you.Classmate din tayo sa TGFI Facebook but rarely see you posting.Keep on writing as i will follow this journal regularly,sa FB kasi puro talk talk lang,hype.

    1. imbangklase Post author

      Thanks sir, mejo busy kasi sa mga other endeavors and right now mejo d din ako nag momonitor gano ng trades, more on positioning ako haha d ako masyado nag popost para wag ma praning sa kakaisip sa stocks hehe 🙂

  2. bobit

    How long do you usually stay with a stock? Do you have threshold values for cut loss?

    Nice that you can actually make a lot of money in this market! 🙂

    1. imbangklase Post author

      Hi Sir, thanks for the comment.

      I have some plays that are for long term like EEI and PIP, while there are some that are just held while the stock is alive like CAL, APM, etc. I hold stocks as short as 3 to 5 days, and I can hold them for as long as 1-3 months onwards.

      As for cut loss it depends on the stock as well, I try to have a general rule of cutting at 8 to 10% loss. Sometimes I don’t wait for my loss to go 8 to 10%, especially at times where there are better options in the market. I put great value in opportunity cost 😀

      In trades that are solely based on charts, especially if I don’t know what’s cooking in the stock, I try to set a tighter cut loss, either in critical price levels or when I see weakness.

      I actually cut a lot, sometimes it does me good, sometimes it does me bad. =) It’s all part of the game, you’ll never know when you’re right. the important thing is to lose small when you’re wrong, and win BIG when you’re right! 😀

      1. imbangklase Post author

        Yes sir, I try to check everyday, even if it’s just the closing prices. I don’t think it’s necessary to watch the day-to-day ticker action, though it helps at certain aspects and it might show you opportunities that you wouldn’t be able to see if you were not looking at the ticker.

        At times, especially when I’m fully positioned and confident with my stocks, I try to avoid the markets, as not to get affected by the day-to-day fluctuations and stick with my propositions =)

  3. bobit

    Thanks again for your insights! 🙂 May we all continue to succeed on this venture. 🙂

    Please keep us posted nonetheless. 🙂

    1. imbangklase Post author

      Yes, if the price is near 240 to 250, I’d bet a million. Let’s just watch. hmm mejo puro COL buyers siguro mg stable muna to for a while bago mag 300+ haha anyway, fundamental consumer play for me na timingan ko lang sa chart. sana maka chamba ng big trend up.

  4. mushintrader

    Great Blog Sir,

    I just wanna ask if how long did it take before you became a good trader?

    Did you lose for a year before you come up with a trading system?

    1. imbangklase Post author

      Hi mushintrader,

      I think I began to realize the right path during 2013. Nope I did not lose for a year.. Market crashed -20% during 2013, I was hit with about -10% loss on my port, but I gathered myself and fixed my strategy and ended the year positive. Fortunately, I have never encountered a losing year, only losing months & phases.. maybe because I always work the hardest in my down periods, which leads me to finding better trades soon after. I also don’t rush to get back in my trades.. if I’m on a losing streak I become extremely patient and wait for the right time to attack.

      1. mushintrader

        Thank you for the reply Sir. Its good to hear that you easily got back up after that market crash. Unfortunately, I was one of those investors who was whipsawed on TAPET. I lose 80% of my capital…. and I dont know what to do now… Is is possible for me to regain all of my losses? I hope you can give me some advice Sir….

      2. imbangklase Post author

        Sorry to hear that.

        Best thing you can do is learn from this experience.. now you know that you can’t just listen to the hype, and all the noise.. use this as an inspiration to build yourself back up again.. take it seriously and find the right methodology for you.. there are tons of resources there (books article, etc,) Try to read the Market Wizards books, and Reminiscences of a Stock Market Operator. after that you can focus on more technical books. You must prepare yourself for your comeback. And it starts with your mindset.

        As for the capital, i’m sure it’s never the end of the world unless you bet an amount that’s way bigger than your comfort zone. You won’t die with that loss, just be positive and learn from it, get back up and go for the kill 🙂

  5. mushintrader

    Thanks for the advice Sir… I will do what you told me and hopefully become a successful trader like you… God bles you Sir… 🙂

  6. ace

    Got the chance to read again your blog sir very informative po. Question lang po sir yung mga nakahighlight na box ninyo what does it represent? doest it mean that you are buying on those box or you are just waiting for it to breakout before buying?

    1. imbangklase Post author

      The boxes i put represent critical ranges, that dictate how I will react dun sa stock. Depende sa strategy nyo sir. Depende rin sa stock and sa structure nya. On weak stocks it will be a selling opportunity, on strong stocks naman it will be a critical confirmation point.

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