Dati goal ko sa trading ay 1m.
After ko ma-abot yun tinaas ko.
After a couple of years na-abot ko ulit.
Ngayon target ko sa sarili kong port Php 100 million.
Yung goal ko diyan, pure trading dapat, walang deposit, walang kahit anong cheat. Kung ano yung account at capital ko nung nag-simula ako, yan parin yung same na bala na papalakihin ko hanggang end game — pure focus and dedication.
What’s my motivation? Kahit na literal na pera yung goal, it’s not really about the money. Wala naman akong physical na bagay na inaasam pa at this point in my life.


Ang pinaka motivation ko dito ay yung growth from the CHALLENGE. Sticking with something from day 1, and finishing strong at a level I never thought was possible back when I was still a kid. Alam ko na magiging imba yung growth ko sa journey na to.
But it won’t come easy. The bigger the size, the harder to maneuver specially in illiquid markets. Trading my way to 100m may take a long long time if I stick in the PSE alone. I might look for other markets where I can utilize leverage to progress faster.
Let’s see. Just sharing my dreams and goals. 🙂

10 thoughts on “MY NEXT GOAL.

  1. dominiczv (Kenjiru V)

    #2amThoughts —-> #3amReply
    Thank you for sharing this. Reading your posts & blogs are profound learnings in the aspect of growing not only as a trader / investor but as person as well.

  2. Jhea Bondad

    Hi imba! Thanks for sharing your goals. Reminds me that anyone can actually do it, and I might someday as well. For the longest time, I’ve been lost on what to do or career path to take. I always end up with the opinions of people around me, then I day I discovered trading and my heart and soul felt the excitement I’ve never experienced before. I, for the first time, found something that makes me envision my dream future self ever so clearly.

    I’m still new to the market and I’m trying to learn as much as I can. but these days I’ve been so lost on how and what to start. I’m afraid I’m just dreaming big but I want to enter this world, I must.

    1. imbangklase Post author

      Gaya ng sabi ni steve jobs, don’t let the opinions of others drown out your vision. People will always have whatever opinion on whatever you do, it doesn’t actually matter. What matters is you execute on your dreams and that you are fulfilled.

      God speed. 🙂

  3. kensdailycorner

    Learning a lot from you sir JC and from investagrams po. Gumawa rin po ako ng sarili kong blog kasi ikaw yung isa sa nakapagmotivate sakin para maabot yung tinatawag nilang Financial Freedom. More powers to you po, and sana maabot nyo na yung bagong project nyo. Full support ako jan.

  4. kristian

    Sir JC salamat sa blog nyo sobra relate ako sa inyo, hopefully magaya ko yungstyle ng trading nyo..naeenjoy ko basahin blog nyo sir at the same time sobra natututo ako salamt ng marami. power!


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