Imbang Klase Fund Management and Performance

Hi. I’m opening 3 slots for my fund management services. 

Just a quick intro on myself. My real name is JC Bisnar. Full-time Trader. I’m a Licensed Stock Broker (Certified Securities Reprensentative) in DA Market Securities.

Imbang Klase is my blog / pseudo name in the trading community.

For those who are seriously interested please read my requirements at the end of this post. 

Now why would you entrust your money to me?

I don’t do the usual sales talk that people in this industry practice just so they could get your money. Most in this fund management business over-promise and under-deliver.

Some will even tell you: “hey I made 600%+++ gains, I can triple your money sureball, make you a zillionaire. Let me handle your funds.”

Then after awhile poof. Ipit. Wasak. Deads.

I don’t do that shit. I take great pride in doing the right process and constantly improving as a trader year-after-year-after-year. I don’t trade for one-time jackpots, it’s all about consistency for me. I trade with relentless emphasis in risk management and I utilize strategies that give me a strong edge no matter what the market condition is.

I know talk is cheap, so I’ll just let my experiences and performance do the talking.

Here’s a record of one of my first portfolio snaps during my first year in trading.


This was in 2012. I always visualized trading as a means to achieve financial freedom, but how can a kid start with a significant port immediately? Early on I was already tapping into investors money as leverage–that’s how I started. Fund management is not a new thing to me. Basically since day 1, I was already handling other people’s money–this is how I built myself.

How did I progress as a trader after 5 years?

Here are some sample results

Jan 26, 2017

Jan 27, 2017

Every year I just do my best to trade and beat the markets. That’s how I grew my portfolio and that’s how I make a living.

Besides trading for my own, I also manage the funds of my clients. Mainly, I handle the money of people who are busy with their main businesses/work.

Here’s a sample of my performance for a client that was with me for less than 2-years.

The client started somewhere around March 2015 with Php 1,000,000


This is the account now.


In less than 2 years, the portfolio is up by 60% now doing Php 1,600,000+. (If you qualify as a potential client I will gladly show you my un-shaded trading records)

Just to give insight–how did some of the best mutual funds perform during the same period?

Let’s use PhilEquity (perhaps the most consistent) fund in the Philippines as a benchmark.


Adding their performance for 2015 to 2017 you’d still be in the negative. Their 5 year growth rate pegged at 8%, 10 year growth rate pegged at 10%, not bad, but just steady.

Understandably, mutual funds have a bigger challenge because they mainly follow the PSEi as a benchmark. These mutual funds also go by the billions which makes it harder for them to go in and out.

These are some disadvantages that I do not have, because at any time I can choose whichever stocks are the strongest (even if they’re not part of the index) or I can go all cash in one snap should I sense danger coming.

My Trading Style

For my personal portfolio, I am really aggressive. I can play super speculative stocks, in big exposures and quick time frames. I mainly make a living trading for my own funds. I don’t chase after commissionsI make money when my clients make money, that is my focus.

That’s why hindi ako “hayok or atat” mag-trade pag para sa client. This allows me to emphasize on risk management and go patiently and conservatively every year. For example, when the market sucks I do not force my trades. There were some months in 2015 and 2016 where I was just mainly in cash (no stock positions).

My approach for clients is different–I focus on balancing performance and risk management. My main aim trading for my clients is to beat the PSEi and all mutual fund performances every year.

I make it a point to use a strategy that can be applied regardless of the size of the portfolio–kahit 1m o 100m pa yan I can use the same strategy and I’m still confident I can make money.

Probability wise, I expect myself to outperform 80% to 90% of the time, because this is what I’ve done since I’ve started as a trader. Though I continue to keep this streak I do not let myself become cocky and complacent. If you know me personally, you will know how seriously I take improving my discipline and my trading process every single day.

If ever I have a losing year, I make sure that downsides are controlled and in these scenarios that would most likely mean 95% of all other traders and funds probably lost money as well (unforeseen market crashes, surprise negative events, etc)

Why Do I Manage Other People’s Money?

You’re probably asking: “Why is he still managing other people’s funds if he says he is making a living out of his own trades?”

Besides the monetary gains, what I like about fund management is I’m able to meet great people. Besides being a trader, I am also an aspiring entrepreneur. I highly value and appreciate learning from people who are ten or even hundred steps ahead of me when it comes to business or in life in general.

This is a way for me to expand my knowledge and grow as an individual. Tulungan lang. I help my clients trek the markets and grow their portfolio, and they help me develop myself as an entrepreneur and as a human being.

My requirements are simple:

1. Minimum Investment 1m, Minimum holding period 1 year. 

Why 1 year? Because I need enough time to maneuver in the market and find opportunities and I am looking for clients who will grow with me in the long run.

Also, the amount is not a hindrance for me. I can handle 1m or even 100m, I’d trade it almost the same way. I’ve been training myself to use strategies that can be employed regardless of the portfolio size.

For security–all accounts are under the client’s name and will be opened under DA Market Securities Inc. Meaning while I have the discretion to buy/sell, I cannot withdraw from your account.

2. IMPORTANT: Wag atat. Your allocated capital should be something that you can fully entrust to me. 

I’ve had some clients who were impatient. 2015 the market was crashing, I was mostly in cash and not trading, they took their money out (with a loss around 2-3%, from commission cost and minor market swings) and when the market recovered wala na, their account was not in my hands anymore. While the clients who sticked with me for the whole year was able to ride the 20-30%++ rally.

The sample portfolio I showed you is a client who is approaching her 2nd year with me. I still haven’t took my profit share from her account (dahil di naman ako nag-mamadali sa pera and I prioritize rolling over the profits so the account will grow faster.)

Please understand that in trading it’s all about losing the least money when the market is in a down trend, and focusing aggressively when the market is strong. Hindi araw-araw may trades. I could make money in a year just by having 5 to 10 trades and that would be better than making 100 trades where your money is impulsively put into risk.

3. You must be involved in a business or a relevant field today. I like to deal with people who I can learn from, particularly Entrepreneurs, Industry leaders and Innovators. This is my main criteria.

4. Let me know about your background, what you do for a living, your past experiences in the stockmarket/investing and why you want to invest with me.

For those who are qualified and interested:

Please feel free to send me an email at or PM me at my Facebook:

If you pass as a client, we’ll set a meeting and I’ll discuss with you the terms.

Should you wish to find more information about me, you may browse through my website and check out my FB page:


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