The Importance of Visualization


The importance of ‘Visualization’


I honestly think that a big part of succeeding at anything requires immense practice of visualization. I’ve been doing this since I was a kid, in all kinds of endeavors (sports, videogames, trading, business, etc.) it didn’t guarantee sure wins, but I could say it definitely increased my performance (and my chances) when it mattered the most.

Visualizing prepares your body and mind for whatever goal you have. It helps you attract thoughts that put great influence to your ACTIONS. Take note of that–you cannot merely visualize and hope, you must “Visualize and ACT” in order for things to manifest accordingly.

This is also the reason why I’m never scared of losses, drawbacks, and other unfortunate circumstances, because I’ve attuned myself to focus on “What I can do to improve my situation” rather than to dwell on what I cannot control.

There are no losing moments. Instead, I appreciate them and consider them as “LEARNING MOMENTS”. Whenever I encounter significant obstacles, I always take a step back, reflect, re-direct myself, then triple my efforts in order to come out as a better individual / trader.

No amount of shit can ever bring you down, if you really put your heart into this kind of mentality.

Just sharing some words of wisdom from Mang Kanorr (1962)



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