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Shabu Analysis: Warning signs

Market generally weak. Leaders slowly withering. Be careful. Your typical buy on dip text book mentality will have to be adjusted as I think we’re gonna experience more significant dips.

I’m gonna take a vacation first and drink beer on the beach, while waiting for clearer signs and better opportunities.


agi bear

20.50-21, with a sell on rally opportunity at 24-25


urc dead

One of the titans of our market, you’d be thinking that these stocks are invisible, but you may want to reconsider that mentality. break below 200 you’d see it around 185


JFC dead

Just like URC, this is one of the favorite stocks of “long term peeps”.. Unfortunately this previously unstoppable name is also showing weakness. Almost same structure as URC, break below 200, and watch it near 180.


bloom dead

If this doesn’t hold 10.00+ successfully and break 10.80-11 then it seems like it’ll range down 8.00-9.00 


ac dead

Pardon the lines lol it’s just for illustration, this is one of the view remaining top dogs of the market, simply because it has always remain superior vs peers and ALI remains strong… but even this name is showing warning signs on my system.

if it closes below 800, watch 750.


meg dead

The structure sucks, signals sucks. break below 5.00 and you’ll see this near 4.6-4.7.. but then structure just sucks.. seems like any rallies from initial supports will be chances to sell till it stabilizes near the 4.00-4.20 mark.


pgold dead

This just looks ugly.. Failure to re-take 40 and 41, then this means it’s dead for the mean time. I expect it near 35-36.


psei dead

Structure reflects most of the leaders.. slowly weakening failing to take out critical levels.. initially 7650. If it still sucks watch near 7400.

That’s all, chill2 muna.. Broad market will definitely be more challenging. The game is now on stock picking, mostly on the speculative side, if you really want to out perform in the coming months.

I like to keep my shit simple, no need to make it fancy.

Note: this aint a reco to BUY/SELL, take these as references, and for entertainment.

Act on your own JUDGEMENT
Your money is your RESPONSIBILITY
Always have a TRADING PLAN

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The Importance of Visualization


The importance of ‘Visualization’


I honestly think that a big part of succeeding at anything requires immense practice of visualization. I’ve been doing this since I was a kid, in all kinds of endeavors (sports, videogames, trading, business, etc.) it didn’t guarantee sure wins, but I could say it definitely increased my performance (and my chances) when it mattered the most.

Visualizing prepares your body and mind for whatever goal you have. It helps you attract thoughts that put great influence to your ACTIONS. Take note of that–you cannot merely visualize and hope, you must “Visualize and ACT” in order for things to manifest accordingly.

This is also the reason why I’m never scared of losses, drawbacks, and other unfortunate circumstances, because I’ve attuned myself to focus on “What I can do to improve my situation” rather than to dwell on what I cannot control.

There are no losing moments. Instead, I appreciate them and consider them as “LEARNING MOMENTS”. Whenever I encounter significant obstacles, I always take a step back, reflect, re-direct myself, then triple my efforts in order to come out as a better individual / trader.

No amount of shit can ever bring you down, if you really put your heart into this kind of mentality.

Just sharing some words of wisdom from Mang Kanorr (1962)