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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

“Social Media“–the arena where people can be who they want to be while hiding behind their screens. There are some gems who contribute a lot when it comes to trading insights, knowledge, lessons etc. While some, unfortunately, are just here to sour-grape, spread hate, and waste their time trying to crack other people’s lives. 

In this world of ours, only a few people can really back their shit up. I have my greatest respect to those few.  I honestly look up to those who are serious enough to refine their craft and to sincerely help others along the way. It’s always a pleasure learning from people who are better than me.

On the other hand, I pity those who ‘act strong’ yet deep inside are pathetic. I consider these people as Fake Shits and Noise. Moving forward, you will realize that it’s useless to associate yourself with these kinds–they will only drag you down.

I’ve minimized portfolio updates, because I’m working on lots of stuff right now. I also realized that besides myself, the only people I need to prove myself to are my clients. So it’s quite unproductive for me.

It’s just funny when you see someone try to make assumptions without knowing any shit at all.

If you’re overly concerned with how I’m doing then open an account with me and I’ll freaking trade it for you. Then that’s where you judge me, when you’ve actually seen what I’m really doing. My proposition to my clients are simple, I will try my best to consistently get 30-40% year on year. (it’s a pretty conservative and achievable target, again my focus is on consistency)

Just for old fun’s sake. Here’s what I’ve been doing with my humble Shabu Portfolio


port march

CEB – test buy but it sucks I threw it

EMP – core position am just gonna hold this, this is my conviction pick as per discussed in (Shabu Analysis March 12, 2015)

Here’s my total position in EMP just so you know I practice what I preach.

emp position

FED – Signals + story. (I don’t buy on story alone, it must pass my system first.) Sold all around 25


port april 6

BLOOM , MCP – positioning for the sentiment shift in gaming

DD – Am betting that this will break 9.50 and go to 10+ , must have a strong close above 9.00.

EMP – just holding

Here’s my action for BLOOM today.

bloom today

Been eyeing gaming since last 2 weeks ago. As per discussed in my previous post (Shabu Analysis™ – March 21, 2015).

Consistency and continuous progress is my main goal. That’s all there is to it. There are tons of other traders who are better than me, but who cares? I love being surrounded by people who I can actually learn from.

Most people get intimidated when they see someone better or bigger than them. I actually take it as an opportunity. Thank you sa mga idolo ko.

Mistakes are inevitable, it’s so easy to cut losses and move on. Beyond that my results and my system will just speak for me. I’m not here to be a one day wonder. I’ll keep doing this till I’m 40 or even 60.

As for the insecure pricks who have nothing to do with their lives, all I can say is keep it up bud. I’ll just keep doing my thing =)

That’s all for today.