Shabu Analysis™: $ORE, $DIZ, $NI

Shabu Analysis™

Here are some stocks that I have sniffed–sensing some trails of SHABU potential within them.

You may be wondering where the hell I get these stock picks. Sometimes I use my favorite dart set to hit on my wall filled with stock codes. Sometimes I use my proprietary SHABU system to identify plays, I just don’t post my methodology in public because my momma will get mad

All that you will see in SHABU ANALYSIS are merely Price + Volume, some lines, and some ranges in the form of rectangular boxes, because most of the time I’m too high and drunk to look at complicated indicators.

2015 seems like the the year where we’ll see zombies go alive.

Let’s take a peek.

(take note: these stocks can kill you if you don’t manage your risks properly. Like they say, “the stock market is an expensive way of getting to know yourself”)



Potential CnH or whatever that pattern that is.

Initial 2.50, then 3.00

after that things get more interesting.

This stock used to trade at the 8 levels before fyi.



Initial 9.50

next thing we’re lookin at is 11.00.

 You damn know what this stock is capable off.

good for you or bad for you.

your call.



Initial 3.30-3.50

break 4.00 and things get interesting.

but wait there’s more..

$NI-Weekly 9 year chart. (since 2006)


Take a look at the bigger picture.

If this stock rams 5.00.. 

Then baka trip talaga to ni Warren Buffet (my role model)… lol

But that’s just me. I’m just probably high right now.

I like to keep my shit simple, no need to make it fancy.

Note: this aint a reco to BUY/SELL, take these as references, and for entertainment.

Act on your own JUDGEMENT
Your money is your RESPONSIBILITY
Always have a TRADING PLAN

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