Shabu Analysis™: $GMAP, $SMC, $OM, $FED

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Shabu Analysis™

Here are some stocks that I have sniffed–sensing some trails of SHABU potential within them.

You may be wondering where the hell I get these stock picks. Sometimes I use my favorite dart set to hit on my wall filled with stock codes. Sometimes I use my proprietary SHABU system to identify plays, I just don’t post my methodology in public because my momma will get mad

All that you will see in SHABU ANALYSIS are merely Price + Volume, some lines, and some ranges in the form of rectangular boxes, because most of the time I’m too high and drunk to look at complicated indicators.



Laggard, one of the most under-looked stocks (with great reason I suppose). Seems interesting at this point. 5.80-6.00 should hold, warning stop if it goes below 5.50. I see this potentially at the 8.00-9.00 range in 3-6 months.



Another laggard, one of the most despised stock in the market. Initial trigger at the 82-85 range, w/ strong confirmation at 87.

Can potentially go 95-100+ after that. Dunno. Basta alam ko maraming lasenggo sa Pilipinas.. (but they are slowly selling their core product… lame)





One of the speculative names that got my attention. This is the mother company of $FED (if I’m not mistaken)

Managed to break past .75. Initial range to look at would be .83-.85. If the market really likes this shit then it should be able to move past .90

$FED – Weekly


With the demise of $IS, comes the awakening of this stock. It managed to breakout of 18.00, only level to look at from here would be 20.00

Quite illiquid, which may be good or bad.

I like to keep my shit simple, no need to make it fancy.

Note: this aint a reco to BUY/SELL, take these as references, and for entertainment.

Act on your own JUDGEMENT
Your money is your RESPONSIBILITY
Always have a TRADING PLAN

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