A Revelation from the Shabu Lab

So some A-Holes reported my Imbang Klase account, there’s a chance this account will be gone anytime soon. What’s funny is I never engaged into any of their sissy quarrel.

Ano pinag lalaban nyo? Funny how there has been a massive reporting on pseudo/troll accounts but in REALITY, the contribution of some of these anonymous accounts have been really SOLID, and GENUINE–if you know where to look.

In fact, many anonymous accounts contribute more than some bozos showing their real faces but provide low-quality information or recommendations.

Funny how these fools have so much time to fight for their oh so good cause. And if you look at their faces makikita nyo, “mga gurang na to ah”, bakit parang ISIP BATA?

FYI I am just 23 years old in real life. and I find these fcktards really pityful.

Ano to Avengers? Bat ang daming FIGHT SCENE?


Ano to “Maala-ala Mo Kaya”? Bakit ang daming DRAMA?


Aren’t we all here to make money? To become better traders/investors? 

Pseudo accounts have their own reasons, most want to keep their privacy. I know some troll accounts that are really good traders who manage a huge account already.

Now it’s time for the revelations. Let me tell you why I built Imbang Klase.


1. When I started trading, I was employed in a foreign institutional broker, we weren’t really allowed to trade our own accounts. Definitely, I couldn’t write or share anything about me trading in my real account back then. (to my previous bosses, hehehe peace tayo. Thank you sainyo, I learned a lot!)

2. It was supposed to be a journal that showed real amounts, real trades, real performance, so that I can monitor what I’ve been doing while sharing or inspiring to other aspiring traders. Simply put, I didn’t want to be a mere blogger, I wanted to prove that I practiced what I preach.

Due to the nature of information I chose to share, it would be wise to keep a low profile on my identity.

3. I don’t like much noise in real life. I screen the people I interact with. Imbang Klase may be noisy or crazy but in real life I’d rather keep it peaceful and quiet.

4. I wanted to write in a funny, crazy, radical manner. If I came up with a normal goody-goody blog, then that would just bore me, and bore you. I would be the same as most financial advocates.. part of the crowd. That’s why you’ll see Imbang Klase uttering lot’s of crazy straight to the point crap–that’s all part of the character. I wanted to come up with something fun and different, yet still helpful in general. Kaya “Imbang Klase”

In the 4-year life of Imbang Klase, I’ve found lots of opportunities. I’ve met lots of great people–from friends to clients. I’m proud to say that I’ve helped lots of friends and newbies as well.

It would be a waste not to continue what I’ve built here. As much as I would want to keep a low-profile, I got nothing to hide. I’m not a coward. Any day, I can face anyone that has a problem with my blog and my troll friends.

Since I’m not employed in a foreign brokerage anymore, I have no problem with revealing my real identity. Just add me up: Jc Bisnar. (Since this is my real account, save my time and add me only with your REAL account)

I will still continue to blog and shit, but everything will be toned down, more civilized–since now you know my real persona. I will still post from time-to-time but expect some changes in the ways of “Imbang Klase”


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