Shabu Analysis: $2GO, $COL, $MAXS, $PNB, $HOUSE

Shabu Analysis™

Here are some stocks that I have sniffed–sensing some trails of SHABU potential within them.

You may be wondering where the hell I get these stock picks. Sometimes I use my favorite dart set to hit on my wall filled with stock codes. Sometimes I use my proprietary SHABU system to identify plays, I just don’t post my methodology in public because my momma will get mad

All that you will see in SHABU ANALYSIS are merely Price + Volume, some lines, and some ranges in the form of rectangular boxes, because most of the time I’m too high and drunk to look at complicated indicators.

I’m done warming up, now I’ll start covering names outside of the bluechip/big-cap/boring shit space.


2go jan 30

My fave stock–because they deliver my drugs. Oil beneficiary, transpo shit, Involved in lots of logistics ops. What not to love?

Break 4.20-4.30 and we might see it back at 4.80-5.00



Posted this first chart on my FB page few days back.

Now this is what happened

COL update

16.50 Trigger, Initial 18.00

But I don’t care. I’m a long term investor on this one.



Instos are accumulating this shiz. One of em, the SB Trust fund (or whatever they call themselves). They’re actually one of the top performing funds last year, going heavy NIKL + DNL. So…. I wonder why they like MAXS? All I know is I like their chicken….

30-31-32 is a ressitance, but at this rate, that range is good as broken.

Btw this stock is so wild, everytime it dips, making you think it has no buyers anymore, it suddenly rallies up and eats the shit out of everyone.. (just like $X)

Will the chicken fry? or will it fcking fly?



Props to Ms Nikki Yu for mentioning this.

It looks like an MBT type bottom, again many small-caps banks are under-appreciated

Trigger around 84-85



Last year, I’ve mentioned in my FB that this might start a trend by 2015.. At this rate… seems like it heard me…

One of the most discussed/hyped/loved/hated stocks, will probably get you by surprise. Now it is widely looked-upon by SERIOUS institutions. What does that tell you?

I dunno, I’m just a mere drug pusher.

Trigger at 8.50-8.60

I like to keep my shit simple, no need to make it fancy.

Note: this aint a reco to buy/sell shit, take these as references, and for entertainment. Act on your own judgement.

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