PREMIUM Shabu Analysis


been out on a far away island for quite some time, and I’m just glad to be back! Imagine I’ve been trading for 2 mos on cell phone, no charts, and just hula-hoops.. whew.

Now it’s time. 2015, market all time highs, number of subscription, seminars, gurus, are also on a roll. Pretty cool!

Do you guys have any suggestions to which guru or group I can subscribe to? Thanks in advance….

I got an announcement to make…

Shabu Analysis will only be available to Premium viewers for a fee of 666 RUB (Russian Ruble) per month……


Kidding. FUCK the mainstream.

Unfortunately my analysis do not meet the quality of my idol gurus. Because my posts are filled with shit, drugs and blasphemy, I have no right to charge anyone.. 😦

Now I know this is what’s on your mind right now.


Me too, I’m sick of my own BS.

Let’s cut the crap. and start.

First, the Shabu Port started the year with this

port start

so I got 3/4

IS being the big winner

some were asking how did I chance upon IS at the bottom?


No one was cheering IS, everyone was crying of their losses in the stock

It went back it to its roots

Signals said it was poised for a bounce

And I prayed to Buddha, and got lucky
is pepe

Now Why MAXS?

I don’t know… basta masarap yung manok nila..


PSPC I cut losses too slow for me.

SSI no need to explain nor talk about.

After selling IS, the SHABU portfolio now looks like this:

port as of jan 26 2015

You will see my averages increased in SSI and MAXS, I approximately doubled up on these positions.


I’m a bit lazy and I don’t want to try anything fancy yet, so I just stick to my winners on this portfolio. I think even if I do nothing and just hold SSI, I’d outperform the whole year.


Anyway I have different portfolios that contain different names. but won’t be discussing yet as some names are under accumulation.


Here’s an example. 

Mostly I’ve been looking at names that have interesting fundamentals and catalysts, but ofc main criteria is if they fit the SHABU System.

Lot’s of interesting looking stocks seems like many of us will make tons of money this year.

Here’s one.

No noise.. 🙂



I can post tons of charts that look interesting but let’s leave that next time..

I don’t like writing much when the broad market is bullish

It’s boring and easy.

Till next time.


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