Monthly Archives: December 2014

Opening 3 Slots for Fund Management


2014 has been generous it’s actually my best year as a trader.

As we approach 2015, I’m opening my doors to 3 investors who are interested to have their funds managed by me. Here are my requirements:

1) Minimum 1m capital
2) Has experience in investing / trading already

and lastly, this is the most IMPORTANT criteria

3) Must be a businessman / entrepreneur , or someone who has a good / solid position in the top industries & corporations of today.

If you meet all the requirements feel free to send an email at with a brief introduction about yourself and what you do.

I’ll set a personal meeting with you if I find you interesting. You will get to know me personally, and I will discuss to you all further details. Then you can decide from there.

I actually don’t need additional capital. I just make it a point to meet new people and establish new relationships every year. I’m an aspiring entrepreneur, and I would love to meet with people who are successful already in the field of business. I wanna learn from those who have been there and have established themselves well as entrepreneurs / industry leaders. In exchange, I will do my best to give light to your journey in the Financial Markets.