Shabu Analysis: $AT, $PGOLD, $2GO, $LR, $IRC

Here are some stocks that I have sniffed–sensing some trails of SHABU potential within them.

You may be wondering where the hell I get these stock picks. Sometimes I use my favorite dart set to hit on my wall filled with stock codes. Sometimes I use my proprietary SHABU system to identify plays, I just don’t post my methodology in public because my momma will get mad

All that you will see in SHABU ANALYSIS are merely Price + Volume, some lines, and some ranges in the form of rectangular boxes, because most of the time I’m too high and drunk to look at complicated indicators.


at nov

11.50-11.70 should hold, otherwise we may see this lower towards a 10-10.50 range. Anyway, might be worth a shot bottom picking as it finds its base. Of course, check out sentiment on variables such as copper price, mining industry as a whole, mining regulations, etc


pgold weekly nov


pgold daily

So far it has held it’s respective support levels. it may be worth accumulating around 33-34 (if it pulls back) otherwise we may have seen the bottom already at 31-32.  May re-visit 38-40. I think retailers have been quite under-appreciated already. Maybe come Dec to Jan we can see some lovin again


2go nov

Not much attention on this one, but it is slowly creeping up. We are on a critical range of 2.60-2.80, if it successfully breaks past that range then I see it going 3.00+. I see strong potential on this one. Let’s see. 🙂

Company seems to be on a turnaround mode as it releases Q3 earnings. 

Current YTD vs Previous YTD Net Income is 622m vs 378m. That’s approximately a 65% growth vs the same period last year.

(Stats are in thousands / 000’s)

2go funda


irc nov

Little noise. Perfect. I think this will go into a higher range soon. 1.60 then easy 1.70.



lr nov

My high conviction bet has finally shown its potential.. 12.00 is around the corner. (which is within its all time highs.)

LR has the components of a stock that you hold tight (specially if you were accumulating with us at 8-9+), I have no targets for this one. Maybe 15? Don’t know, am just holding this one.

That’s the advantage of accumulating early.. before the crowd. By the time the story is exposed, everyone is scrimping for shares while we’re just sipping beer chilling with chicks.

Congrats to all my clients and friends, who stood by this stock.

(you may check my last month’s post on $IRC & LR in SHABU analysis HERE)

I like to keep my shit simple, no need to make it fancy.

Note: this aint a reco to buy/sell shit, take these as references, and for entertainment. Act on your own judgement.

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Charts are provided by: 

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7 thoughts on “Shabu Analysis: $AT, $PGOLD, $2GO, $LR, $IRC

  1. facelesstrader

    wrong chart on LR. That chart is not stock adjusted. There is no resistance at 12 to speak of since 12 today is 12*1.20 or 14.40 (after the 20% stock divs) 12 could only be a short term resistance as it is 20% psychological round number target from 10 bucks buyers and only coz 12 is a nice round number but chart wise…there is no strong resistance at 12 thanks.


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