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Shabu Analysis: $IRC, $MER, $PCOR, $MARC, $LR

Global markets on a bounce. Finally. Anyway, most mainstream index names are boring.

Here are some charts I’m looking at.


Trigger at around 1.45-1.50, Momentum at 1.60-1.70, then Shabu at 2.00+



Laggard, but seems to be holding up. Unappreciated dog with its conglo $MPI.

250-260 now, onward to 290-300? Hula lang

mer shabu


Kapag nag placement pa ulit yung companya ewan ko nalang pota sila. haha. Anyway the retirement shares still have about 700m shs, if I’m not mistaken.

11.50 base, lookin to break 12.00. Shabu 13.00-13.50



Umpog o palag? Bahala na.

Break 7.50 then re-visit 7.80-8.00

Anyway these nickel plays seem to be a good accu for next year.

Ride the trend

marc lol


Re-visit 9.60 then palag 10-10.20.

No targets on this one, I’m in it for the long/medium term

Anyway, this kind of stock I think you just hold, kaya yung mga atat, sige tapon nyo lang



I like to keep my shit simple, no need to make it fancy.

Note: this aint a reco to buy/sell shit, take these as references, and for entertainment. Act on your own judgement.

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