September: Playing a Different Ball Game

September: Playing a Different Ball Game


Entering September, I thought it was time to go back to blue chips. Thus my portfolio looked like this:

sept 08, 2014


My signals were showing strength with the index breaking 7200-7300…. Various blue chips was looking solid… so you see names like RRHI, SMPH, AGI on my port.

but then, this shit happened.


holdings fade pmini fade property fade

were an exception though, this might give the index a ray of hope.

financials ex


I took this as a warning sign. I think that most index names will be stagnant for awhile, so I decided to I trim my whole portfolio and left my defensive picks $MWIDE + $MPI.

Since most of the sectors looked weak and dull, I have decided to be overweight BASURA and GAMING.

Why not financials? I opted not to just because I think the reward is small.

Here’s a view of the Shabu Portfolio

port sept 12

See it’s not all profits right? This is a different ball game. But at the end of the day, it’s all about being overweight strong names at the right time.

(I blocked off all basura names that are under accumulation both for the benefit of the reader and the poster.)

Why Basura


2) wala lang. trip ko lang.


This is the main trigger of the BASURA FRENZY



So I figured, the market will probably look for more plays like this.

Examples, of my recent basura chamba moves





Just to show that you that I practice what I preach. Well ito medyo obvious kasi susunod lang sa $MARC. Sold everything at 3.00 downwards.






Trade of the millennium ko sana, kaso tinira nila agad. Profit is profit. Sold most at .58 after seeing it fail to hold the .60 level.

As usual if the index goes stale, speculators and the usual pundits will resort back to the old “tira dito, tira doon” style. It’s a matter of knowing which of these penny stocks have the potential.

Tip lang sa NEWBIES. Wag masyado greedy sa basura. It’s a different ball game. Walang AWA mga kalaro mo dito.

There will be times where you’ll feel like a genius riding high fliers, getting ceiling plays and all, but you have to determine how to do this CONSISTENTLY.

Ask yourself, did you just get lucky? or can you identify high fliers in a consistent manner?

Tighter risk controls, specially if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Di araw-araw pasko. Always define how much risk you can take when taking these kinds of trades. When I have a basura that is not working based on my expectations I don’t hesitate to throw it away, even if it’s a 10% loss, after all it is GARBAGE, right?

Moving on. So why Gaming?

When the general market looks weak, those who remain strong MUST BE REALLY STRONG.


This was one of the strongest names according to my system going into September. It detected MCP + BEL as well, which I have exposure as well in my other accounts. But I chose to be overweight $LR because it gave the strongest signals. Since I liked LR, I also accumulated $LRW for a more speculative play.


Earlier, I posted about $LR  in my Shabu Analysis 2 (Check it out here), highlighting 8.40-8.50 as a critical range. It was sold down temporarily at 7.90-8.00, but then it rebounded quickly, and blasted its way past that resistance closing at 8.80 with huge demand on bid.

This kind of set-up is the forte of my system. Specially when most of the market is weak, that’s where you’ll see the outliers.

Anyway, that’s about it. I will stick to gaming and basuras for the mean time. I’ll only revert back to beta sectors once I see clear signals. 

You might see me post charts from time to time but that is NOT an indication to BUY, remember that. 

With all the information available in the internet, please do yourself a favor and always put in your own diligence before making a trading decision.

That’s all. May we all have a profitable month ahead!


This blog aint a reco to buy or sell shit. This blog is mainly my journal meant for sharing, and entertainment purposes. Don’t take everything too seriously. Wag nyo po ako susumbong sa PDEA.

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