Shabu Analysis

From time to time, I’ll be posting my view on stocks that I find interesting. Please note that these stocks have already been filtered in my “Shabu Screening Program”. I have back tested my program since 1969 and I can say that I have a 69% hit rate. I don’t care if I miss, I just throw it out and cut immediately and move on to the next play.

I won’t post any buy signals, or any technical indicators, rather I’ll just highlight certain Shabu Levels–ranges that help me determine my buying/selling decisions. Kanya kanyang diskarte na yan.  It’s up to you how you look at the chart.


Here’s this weeks highlights:


Gaming leaders SINO + BLOOM have emerged already. I think this baby is next in line. I think gaming will be a strong theme moving towards the latter months of the year. Watch MCP + BEL too.

3-year down trend broken, likely to break 8.40-8.50, then move forward to 9-10.

LR sept 08


RSA sold it for twice the amount he paid for during 2012. (bought 49% at $500m, sold at $1B). Coincidentally, it has been on a slump since RSA bought in. What will happen now that he’s out of the picture. Let’s see how the market reacts.

CEB holding its solid trend, I think it’s time for Airlines to shine. OIL prices continue to weaken. Many factors why airlines are now gaining interest.

2 year + down trend broken, hovering at 6.00, bound to tackle 6.50, then 7.00 then HEAVEN

PAL sept 08



Kinda lagging among the nickel miners NIKL + MARC + CMT, but for those who want catch up in the Nickel Crazeyou can check this out.

Broke its 2.40 resistance. You saw how it flew to 2.90 awhile ago. Seems like this still has potential, all depending on how the big boys handle the ride. A convincing breakout of the 3.00 level will definitely make things more interesting.

ore sept08—-

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