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Ceiling Candidate No.69 ( MRC–SHABU PLAY BOOK)


MRC –¬†just chart. Initial breakout .11, then momentum will set in once it breaks .12, from there….. let’s just see ūüôā


Shabu Portfolio Update: May 07, 2014


Here’s the update for the SHABU PORTFOLIO.


1. EMP — cut. got whipsawed due to rumors of PP. ¬†Anyway, I will just re-enter this. I don’t think it’s ripe now.

2. VUL — cut. backdoor was delayed, so delay in catalyst, decided to shift to other plays.

3. MRC¬†— sold at small profit. lipat muna iba.

4. MPI — bye for now


1. PX – strong chart. I think easy 11.00 bucks. Plus extra upside from upside moves from GOLD.

2. MARC Рsuspension was a non-event. company has strong legal counters to the suspension. Likewise, suspension had little financial impact in my opinion. Thanks to my SOLID Fundamentalist buddy for pointing this out. Now looking to fill the gap.

3. MA –¬†Good chart. gold play. same shit with PX except that this is more of a speculative name yet CAN be very rewarding as each tick is about 4-5%

4. WEB –¬†signs of bottoming out, buy signal from most of my indicators. I think its just a matter of time.

5. ZHI – same shit as PX, MA, LC, damay damay, basta mine at ginto aarangkada yang mga yan. (*crossfingers*)


1. MWC -patience on this one. trying to hold my conviction.

2. OV – being patient also. Although I was thinking of selling and switching to MARC yesterday.. too bad. #hindsight


I put my money where my mouth is. My view, in the short term, is that the index has run its course. No strong catalyst to push it. Even if it goes up near 7000-7200, that’s just 5-7% from where we currently are. Foreigners are still buyers of the market, but I don’t think the foreigners are always right. When the market crashed 2008, 2011, foreigners weren’t spared. I’m not predicting a crash, but based on inter-market movements. I think there’ll be a huge shift of sentiment soon. BEAR EQUITIES, BULL COMMODITIES (specially fear related ones)¬†.


I am OVER-WEIGHT Mining, and zero-weight INDEX. I believe risk-reward at this point is more favorable towards mining names, thus my re-allocation.

I iterate, I don’t see any strong catalyst to push prices further SIGNIFICANTLY, as of now. ¬†Only select names look attractive fundamentally, mostly laggards and defensive names. ¬†If index rallies further, take this as an opportunity to trim and take profits. I’m looking at 1-2 months before the scare game becomes obvious.