Shabu Portfolio Update: April 13, 2014.

First of all congrats to Manny Pac! Solid magic from Aling Diyonisya…

Here’s a view of my portfolio. I’ll just go through my holdings.


All its subs have recovered substantially. I’m just betting that this laggard should follow soon. Also, from how I see it, long-term charts seem to be on the bottom. So far, stock is still on a slump. Am just waiting.

Another laggard vs BDO, BPI. I’m buying on the notion that 75-77 is already a steady support and it has room for upside vs those that have flew already.

Under-appreciated, long-term charts signal that it has hit bottom. Broke out of initial test at 4.60 and 4.70. What’s interesting is that its within its next resistance 4.95-5.00, I’m confident with this one, just holding till 5.30-5.50+. let’s see.

Same shit with MPI. I’m going contrarian by taking a view that the bad news on these water companies are already priced in. If i’m wrong, down side will be 5-10% to my cut loss points, but if I’m right, I’m looking at 28-30php initially. Actually, if I don’t need liquidity, I’d accumulate this for the long term. Same w/ MPI. Initial support at 24-23.50 then  22-21, given bad bad news and all that shiz

Turn around story + upside from any spike in OIL given geopolitical conflicts. Soon there will be renewable energies and all that, but as of now, I believe OIL is still critical, for the next 5-10 years perhaps. It has been hovering at $100-110/barrel for quite some time.. I wonder what happens when things w/ China, US, Russia erupts. Very very good risk-reward ratio in my opinion, especially at .035-.036,  these are the kinds of situations where you want to go LONG TERM. At the start of the base, when no one else is looking at the stock. I expect this at .040 soon. And that’s just the start of it. Momentum traders will follow-suit when things are more obvious.

Secret Shabu Holding: 
I’m still accumulating and it’s illiquid, but I’ll give you a clue. One word –> Libro


These are my meek holdings. Just sharing for entertainment purposes, and to instigate discussion with fellow traders. I don’t hype. I don’t need hype. I put my money where my mouth is, but I’m also ready to eat my pride and cut loss whenever proven wrong. 


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