Imbang Klase’s Shabunalysis (Issue #1)

I’m back.

Really busy.

Won’t be talking much.

But will try to be productive and share to you some of my picks.

1. MBT

MBT chart1

Shabunalysis: You may be scared of the market, the noise and the shit, but focusing on charts alone I think PSEi in itself still has room to go up. Strong performance on banks. BDO is really strong, BPI now lookin good. Now check out the Laggard MBT. Strong performance of the banks will lead the market to 6800-7000. This can either go UMPOG at the down trend line- or breakout in a strong manner. but with the way BDO and BPI is moving.. hmm

Resistance: 82-85-90
Support: 80-77-75


2. Secret Shabu Stock Room

secret stockShabunalysis:
Sellers here are the impatient nigros.. My conviction pick. At current levels definitely high REWARD – low RISK kind of trade 😉 Matter of time before this shiz erupts. Patience kids. Turnaround story baby.. A high probability one at that! 


3. MWC

MWC chart
Shabunalysis: No one likes it, everyone scared, just got kicked out of PSEi w/all arbitrage bull shit, yet it was able to hold above 24.00? hehehe. What does that tell you? 🙂 Long term support pegged at 20-21, successfully held, that’s where AYALAs also increased their stake in the company. (around that range). This will go unappreciated now, but if my thesis is corrrect MWC is near-bottom levels, strong potential for growth in the future with their expansion in countries such as Vietnam, Myanmar etc etc. It may look foggy now with the arbitrary issue but I think it has already been priced in by the market. Even they announce that they lose the case, I think it’ll still hold above 20-21. but.. IF THEY WIN the case, then BOOM. check the GAP.

Resistance: 25-26, 28-30
Support: 23.50-24, 21-22.

EXTRA: If you like MWC then you should LOVE MPI 😉 kakatamad gumawa ng chart pero malakas MPI 😉 minimum 5.30-5.50. I have both names. 🙂


There you go, these are my picks for the mean time, subscribe to my blog if you want to receive IMBANG KLASE’S SHABUNALYSIS.

Disclaimer: I am no guru, not a trading God, I make mistakes. I put my money where my mouth is. I have positions in all of these stocks. Don’t be too reliant and gullible OK? End of the day you are the one who executes your trades. Never be a sissy, don’t blame others if things don’t work out for you. My picks require patience. If you want one day wonders, one week wonders go eff yourself and go to the casino dude. or go all in the FX market 🙂


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