Shoot for the Stars

*Late post, I’ll just post this for reference. Made some changes in my port. To be updated later.*


We have lot’s of stocks shooting up to the stars

Next week will be exciting for us market enthusiasts. We have COAL on tuesday, and we have APM’s next episodes too. There seems to be something in APM.

Funny thing about the market is that when they see a certain theme, they try to replicate it on other indirectly related stocks. Example would be during the run up of PXP, other traders would hit on OV, OPM and other oil plays. Now that we have APM going crazy .020 to .150+ , traders are also hitting penny stocks such as EG .020 to .060‘ish (for what ever news it has), or AR .005 to .0055+, I don’t really know if there’s something in these stocks but their fun to watch, and to play with. If played well these stocks can easily give you +50% of your money just moderate your greed. Then there’s YEHEY. haha. opening at 2.50 then going to as high as 4.50? It just shows that people don’t really care, their at a RISK on mode. Lots of traders are on the prowl looking for quick ways to make a buck. More fish in the sea for the sharks.

If you want to play these stocks you have to prop your mind that there’s a high probability for you to lose money. The earlier you are the better. If you were able to catch its early moves then good for you as you can place wider stops and just watch where the stock will go. Just like in the case of APM. Those who bought at .020… already made 700% if they just held their positions.. wow. imagine making your 100k to 700k in a span of 2 weeks.

At often times after a huge run up, say a 100% move, people will have the notion that “this shit is risky”, but then we get our arses surprised, only to find out that there’s still an upside to the play. No price is high if there are lots of willing buyers out there. 🙂

Here’s an update of my portfolio:

1. ACR – Tight range, just lying above 50 day ema, volume diminishing in line with price fade, every time volume spikes, there’s a sudden run up in the price, STS shows buy signal, small position, just watching developments in the future. tested 1.50 levels 2 times already, upon correction you can see that it’s forming bases at slightly higher levels.

2. ANS – sell signal, going down, haha got .25 divs per share though, haha might just hold this if it doesn’t go below my entry of 4.80.

3. AT (Sold)- break of downard channel with matching volume, bit late on entry, it’s ok, small portion might dispatch it, soon just a test buy, take note of the paid in capital to get rid of their deficits, and the change in par value from 10.00 to 8.00

4. COAT – Company buy back continues, creeping upwards slowly and raising it’s 52 week high, volume building up, been accumulated for quite some time, would like to add on this one in time for D&L 4th qtr IPO. D&L is it’s mother company. At this price range–2.80 to 2.9, I’m reminded of PIP when it was just moving steadily in the said range, and people weren’t taking notice of it.

5. EEI – Reached 9.00 already, wow, haha too bad I only have a small allocation on this one, been eye-ing it since 6.50 levels. that’s the problem if you don’t have patience you keep cutting you’re positions only to find it rallying after you’ve cut. If only I had more patience.  Watching price action, might trim my holdings on this one soon.

6. FOOD – at it’s all time 52-week high, with good volume, if you’ve noticed there are only 3 days in the two year chart that showed volume surpassing the 20m mark, the last were temporary tops, hmm. I wonder how this one would fare? If things go well, it might be on its way to challenge its all time high of 2.00. Take note of the foreign deals they’ve been bagging plus it may garner some upside with the MILF peace deal.

7. Rock Star Stock – Charts look nice, volume picking up, cup formed, then what? Tis has been said that the Rock Star will be the antagonist of the coming days. We’ll see if it proves itself. Mwahahaha….. >:)

8. LPZ (Sold)- Hovering near the 50 day ema, one day it looks strong, another day it sucks. HAHA. This should be a good hold till the election hype, since my entry is at 5.18, I feel it’s quite safe. I might trim on the position of it shows further weakness.

9. MEG (Sold 2/3, wrong move)- 2.50 target been reached, let’s see if it holds the said level. If it’s really strong it shouldn’t go below 2.40 or worst at 2.35–these are just my own support levels. Fundamentals still intact. Still trading at a cheap level compared to industry leader ALI. Main beneficiary of the BPO boom in our country–If I’m not mistaken they have about 30 to 40% of the office spaces in manila. Their expanding in Cebu as well, another critical area in the future. If it successfully holds current levels next target would be 2.80. Imagine where it is now, compared to the time where no one was buying it during 1.60s.. 🙂 Just shows that some of the best times to buy is when everyone is selling. 

10. PIP – Correcting after reaching near the 5.00 mark. I don’t think the show is over for this stock. Might zero cost after it breaks the 5.00 level or I can just leave it be, let’s see how this goes. Maybe it’s just me but I think it’ll go beyond 6.00? maybe next year? Don’t be captivated by my imaginations OK? I’m just depicting my own scenarios. Watch for a break of the 5.00 mark first. The more crazed the buying to the 5.00 mark the better, as this is where you’ll see the conviction of the funds buying into the stock. Don’t be mislead by the RSI. Strong trends usually linger in overbought conditions for quite some time.

11. Baby Stock – base forming, sudden volume, good thing it hasn’t rallied yet. Judging how crazy our market is acting and how daring traders are when it comes to speculatives, it seems that this has some potential in the weeks to come. Hopefully I can add more.


What I got rid of:

1. AC – even though I like it, I believe this stock is not for short term commitments, I’ll just get back, if I can.

2. APM – wow.. If I didn’t do anything my initial capital of 120k would already be 360k by this time.. oh well. I’m watching this for some potential plays next week. Damn it’s hard to watch the market when you have other responsibilities going on simultaneously during market hours, that’s why I avoid quick trades if I can’t be on the watch.

3. MPI – movements are too tight, although it’s a good company, I think I’ll just go in when I have the luxury to let some funds sleep in here or better yet, when there are confirmatory signals. Although its wise to hold fundamentally strong companies, I value opportunity cost as well.

4. VLL – entry was a bit off, didn’t go as planned, seemed to lose some steam, still has potential though.


As you can see I’m holding quite a number of stocks in my port, reason for this is that I buy an initial position if I see signals or clues in the stock. If it confirms itself then I add up more like about 30k to 50k + depending on how it moves. If it’s wrong then I can just cut the initial position without fret.

I’m about to reach my benchmark target of PHP 1,000,000. My port reached a high of about 949k during the unified tops of my holdings last week. It was a bit held back due to my EG trade I bought at .062 and .063 since the .060 levels was holding, I didn’t watch my position and took a nap when I saw it hovering at .068. Woke up seeing it at .059 so I immediately cut, no questions there, as it failed to hold my said cut loss point.


For my next blog update, I’ll be writing about “knowing what kind of trader you are“, and I’ll be sharing some insights regarding my own approach in trading. I’ve been reading it in lots of books, seeing it in many sites, and hearing it from various traders–including my mentors. One should master thyself. I agree when they say that it’s not whether your methodology is better than the others. There are far too many personal aspects affecting our trading/investing decisions such as our attitude & aptitude towards the market, self-discipline, diligence, ability to see and act on opportunities, skills, composure, risk tolerance, etc. One need not to compare, copy (though I highly appreciate learning from people who are more experienced and have superior knowledge and skill on the market), or hate on other people’s approach in the market, after all, our main goal here is to make money right? 😀


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