A Little Kid’s Journey to a Million Pesos

It’s About Time

                From now on, I will be writing reports about all my trades. As part of my serious development as a trader, I’ll be taking note of my reasons for each transaction, analysis, charts, stories, etc. I’ll also be attaching a picture of my portfolio, just for fun, so that I could also monitor my performance. I’ll be exposing all of the stocks I trade and the values that I allot for each stock. I will censor transactions on illiquid stocks since these stocks are more risky and I don’t want anyone to follow my moves for these kinds of stocks. I am looking forward to share my experiences with you guys. Hopefully, this blog can be an avenue where Filipino traders can gain insights and valuable lessons. My main goal is to make my current equity value (excluding margins ofcourse), which is currently at 872k to the 1 million mark soon. Let’s see how this goes.

Trades for the day:

1. AC– saw a potential reversal, people bought it when it reached the 405 level. From what I saw, RSI is already oversold. Based on past reactions, AC has a high probability of bouncing up when it reaches the oversold levels. I believe that it is bound to go up soon, maybe a few more down days perhaps. It went as high as 421, only to be sold down again by foreign houses such as UBS, and other guys. I feel that it’s attractive enough to buy at these levels since the main reason for its downfall would be the private placement, without the private placement I believe that this stock would still be at 440 to 450. The chances of this stock to go down in the short term would be possible if there is a negative catalyst that would really push foreigners to sell. Otherwise, I believe that this is a good short-term trade both technically and fundamentally.

  • Entry – 414
  • Stop Loss – still under observation tomorrow, I can go tight at 410, or loose at 390. The thing about AC is that you can bank on it for the long term, unless we have a super duper effin negative catalyst that would hit the whole financial system again, I’d be buying more of this at the 380 levels, again everything is under observation.
  • Sell Point – Depends on the reaction of the psei, I can be tight at 425 to 430, or loose at about 440’ish

2. New stock – I’m seeing some accumulation by certain jock brokers. Chartwise, it seems to be possibly breaking out of its long term down trend. Take note that I don’t want to expose plays like this because these stocks are illiquid and are deemed to be risky. The fundamentals of this stock is also unproven, it may be reversed if its management is able to synergize it with future acquisitions 🙂

Note from Imbangklase: This blog mainly serves as my journal and is not to be considered as a guide or what-so-ever. I am hoping that we can all learn from my profits and my losses though. Trade responsibly. Nothing great was ever achieved easily, remember that.


3 thoughts on “A Little Kid’s Journey to a Million Pesos

  1. markbrando

    Sir, May I ask what is the first trading book did you read? I’m aspiring to be a pro. trader like you and still I’m studying turning 20. I’m playing investa simulation game and as of now is pure loses. 😭 Hoping for a reply.


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